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  Empathica Bio:

We are a hard rock/metal band from central Illinois. We have played together for quite some time and have a good band chemistry. We love to write music and have four very talented musicians in our band thus far.

Seeking: Singer

Looking for: As you can see from our example songs, we are looking for someone to match closely to the singers of those bands. We have original material and would love to record an album and play shows.

Band Members:   A Few Songs :
Steve   Vocals   --   *   *
Jared   Guitar   --    
Mike   Bass   --    
         Band Info:
         Band Name:   Empathica
         Band Owner :   Steve Smith
         Song Writer :  
         Genre:   Heavy Metal
    Influences:  Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God, Metallica, Pantera
Band Details:   Media:  
Classification: Band
Country: United States
State:  Illinois
City: Bloomington
Demo CD: NO
Demo Video: NO
Been Together: One or les
Songs Preformed: *
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